I can’t deal with a woman who has bad luck -Judith Heard raps Zari.


Kampala female socialites, who have both been involved in the nudes release drama are now punching each other with spiteful messages on various social media.


However, the battle was sparked off by Judith Heard, who owns the currently trending and most recent nudes in media.

Judith Heard claimed that she does not know Zari Hassan and therefore it is not right to compare an incognito person with herself. She believes she has worked hard and achieved everything in her life to be compared with Zari.

“Who is Zari? Why are you comparing me to someone I don’t know about?” Judith Heard questioned.

Zari was so bitter on hearing news from the talk show where she was insulted by Judith Heard and started to brag about her businesses and successful. achievements which she believes Judith Heard will never have.

Nonetheless, for fear of losing the battle, Heard hit Zari right in her deepest wounds by calling her a bad luck female who has failed to succeed in marriage unlike her who is happily married to Dr.Heard.


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