Dozens undergo six stage tactical Military training

Participants at the Ongoing Command Post Exercise Justified Accord 2018 have successfully completed the academic phase of the exercise; including the six stage tactical Military Decision Making Process (MDMP).

The military exercise draws operational and tactical peace keeping scenarios found by troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

In his remarks, the Command Post Exercise (CPX) Director Brig James Ruhesi lauded the progress scored and level of professionalism exhibited.
“I commend participants for the work well done. I urge you to double efforts and keep focused into the next phase of real life, characterized by the prevailing dynamics,” said Brig Ruhesi, during the briefing of participants at Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Centre (URDC), Gadaffi barracks, in Jinja district.

During the real life exercise, tactical phase ushers draw battle rhythm, establish electronic communication connectivity and counter electronic war-fare, which is a yard stick for regulating the routine operational environment.

The six stage tactical Military Decision Making Process equipped participants with skills in mission analysis, evaluation of operational environment, development plan, communication plan, and Course Action Development (COA), Demonstrations on the management and awareness of Explosive Ordinance Devices and Forensic Bio-Metric analysis were also done, among others.

“The skills extended and shared on the demonstration of Explosive Ordinance Disposal will enhance Partner Forces in developing counter measures against dangers of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to guarantee personnel and equipment safety,” said US Army Expert First Lieutenant Jacob Rafalson.

The Ongoing Command Post Exercise (CPX) cord –named Justified Accord 2018 aims at enhancing Partner Forces capacity, increase interoperability and strengthen relations within and beyond the region for a peaceful and stable world. Exercise Justified Accord is an annual rotation event that brings together participation from ten (10) nations from Eastern Africa, US, EU nations and International organizations.A distinguished visitors/media day will be held at the Exercise Area on Thursday 28th June 2018 with the closure ceremony on Friday 29th June 2018.




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