Lawyers want DPP Mike Chibita charged alongside Gen. Kayihura

Lawyers from Muwema and Company Advocates are preparing to privately prosecute the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Justice Mike Chibita and former police chief Gen. Kale Kayihura for what they claim is the malicious and unfair prosecution of suspects over the murder of senior police officer Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

“The DPP is not above the law and therefore we are going to bring private prosecution against him,” said Friday Roberts Kagoro from Muwema and Company Advocates.

the lawyers blame the DPP for failure to act independently and allow external forces like the police force to interfere with his decision making.

Much more, the lawyers argue that DPP should be prosecuted for failure to sanction police to carry out proper investigations  concerning the suspects and their crimes.

The lawyers argue that the DPP instead punished the suspects for different crimes not connected to the offence which was not acceptable and should therefore be charged.

However, the spokesperson of the DPP, Jane Kajuga denies claims of acting maliciously in prosecuting the suspects and also says that the lawyers are ignorant about the role of the DPP.

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