Parliament promises to fully cater for Hon. Nambooze’s treatment abroad.

Some MPs visiting Betty Nambooze. FILE PHOTO

Parliament has said that it’s willing to pay all the costs and the additional bills for Mukono municipality MP Betty Nambooze’s treatment abroad and therefore asks the public to stop accusing it for its failure to support the lawmaker.

Chris Obore, the Director of Communications in Parliament said that Hon. Nambooze earlier asked parliament for funds to foot her medical treatment which was fully and willingly given to her.

“She approached the clerk to parliament and he considered her request. The clerk to parliament asked finance department to process the funds that she needed which was done,” said Chris Obore.

Chris Obore adds that Hon. Nambooze was given One hundred million, eight hundred forty thousand shillings on June 13th 2018 which she had asked for.

Much more, Obore says that more money was issued to sustain her and the husband who she said was going to be her caretaker.

Obore says that the money is already in the account of the legislator and is willing to add more funds due to the increment on the cost of her treatment.

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