Notorious boda boda iron bar hit men architects arrested

Police in Katwe has arrested the mastermind behind boda boda iron bar hit men around areas of Katwe and Kajjansi.

This arrest comes in following an operation against new a wave of robbery and killings involving iron bar wielding gangsters around Kampala.

The suspect revealed the different modus operandi (mode of operation) used to rob motorcycles. These include use of young mid-20 aged girls to hire bodabodas till the robber’s destination that is always around bushes,dark isolated places, using saloon cars to hit riders as they return home from a long days work.

The attackers ambush their victims in dark corners and hit them using iron bars locally known as ‘mitayimbwa’ before making off with their money and valuables.

Its believed that in May 2015, the suspect identified as Hassan Baziira Kiyinji aka Dr Kiyinyi while dressed in a kanzu hired a motorcycle rider in Kajjansi to a certain destination and along the way offered him chloroformed biscuits and a drink. The rider later lost consciousness and motorcycle robbed.

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