You are greedy, immature and shameless -Apass attacks MPs over social media tax.


The Dididada hit maker, Apass has attacked the Members of Parliament who were in support of passing the social media tax and mobile money tax.

According to the artiste, he say that the law makers should grow up and start behaving like grown ups who think about the young generation instead of themselves.

“You are all grown up. We can not be paying for things that we use on our phones, those things are none of your business, our apps are none of your business because we already pay tax! The people who passed this law must grow up! This is not a just tax,” said a very bitter Apass.

Much more, Apass adds that government is just using this tax as a way of robbing money from Ugandans because they are not giving any income to the founders of the applications that they are taxing.

“Are you the owners of Facebook, Whats-app and Twitter? How much are you giving to the founders of these applications? Why do you want to benefit from someone else’s investments,” he questioned.

Apass has also added that Ugandans are still demanding musicians for public WiFi but they are ignoring such huge demands and robbing Ugandans of the little money that they have.

Apass has also asked the law makers to fully represent the needs of Ugandans because that is why they were voted. He also condemns their act to follow the presidents’ demands instead of the demands and needs of the majority Ugandans.

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