Police Intercepts Over 100 Cattle over Foot and Mouth infection


Anti Stock Unit last evening at around 15:00hrs impounded four fuso trucks carrying over 100 herds of cattle.

The trucks were intercepted at Masanafu along Kampala Northern Bypass.

The interception followed suspicion that they were from areas earlier declared infested with foot and mouth disease.

SSP Muzafar Zilabamuzale the Commandant Anti Stock Unit (ASTU) confirmed this development.

“Last evening from around 15:00hrs we got intelligence information from our sources on the ground operating in the areas of Mutukula and Kyotera about a huge number of animals that had crossed from Tanzania to Uganda and were destined for Kampala market.

They gave us the number of vehicles and their details and the number of cows which had actually crossed. So we waited them here and impounded,” Zilabamuzale said

He added; “The reason for impounding them is that they are coming from an area which is not safe. The area is not free from foot and mouth disease .

The danger is that along the way they are likely to infect other animals and since they have not been verified as free from foot and mouth disease, then we are likely to consume contaminated meat. ”

The animals he said were headed for Kalerwe abattoirs.

“We are going to send them back and take them to respective farms allegedly bought from,” he said.

He however warned; “People should know that at the moment there are restrictions (quarantine) on the movement of cows especially from Tanzania and Isingiro.

The quarantine has been in place since December last year.

Until the commissioner for animal health comes up with clear position as to the safety of animals coming from that side, we can not allow such movements. He has to make a pronouncement in writing lifting or advising otherwise which we will follow as law enforcement team.”

To this therefore, he appealed to cattle dealers to be patient with the team at the ministry.

He said the ministry is doing everything possible to make an assessment on the ground and once that is done, he said the police will have no issues with the trading of animals.

He said that those alllowed to move cattle must have Certificate of Herd Health given by veterinary doctor to district Veterinary Officer who should then allow the movements of cattle.

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