Beware! Winter is Coming- Meteorologists Warn of Foggy, Cold Weather

Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) has warned Ugandans to brace for a very cold and foggy weather that could bring many activities at standstill.

UNMA Executive Director Paul Isabirye in his press release dated July 09 has warned of cold conditions in most parts of the country and advised the public to adapt warm clothing in order to guard against respiratory diseases.

“The cold weather spell could lead to potential upsurge of health risks. Cases of respiratory diseases like Asthma, Pneumonia and common colds (flue) among others are expected to be on the upsurge. The general public especially the vulnerable (young and old) members of the community are hereby advised to keep warm by adapting warm clothing in order to guard against such diseases,” Isabirye warned.

UNMA is responsible for establishing and maintaining weather and climate observing stations network, collection, analysis and production of weather and climate information, (including warnings/advisories) to support social and economic development.

He said that during the months of June, July and August, Hemisphere experiences the Southern Winter and weather systems over Southern Africa are associated with cold wealth conditions, hence the winds blowing from the semi-permanent high pressure systems of Mascarene in the Indian Ocean and St Hellena in the Atlantic Ocean towards our region are cold and when these winds blow over region they bring cold weather conditions.

“Therefore, cold weather conditions are expected to prevail over most parts of the country until mid-August 2018 when the phenomenon will reduce,” he said citing that in areas such as Kigezi region, minimum temperatures have occasionally dropped below 10%.

He warned farmers that this cloudy and drizzly conditions are only favourable for maturing of crops planted during March to May season. He added that such cold and foggy conditions is likely going to affect both air and road transport due to poor visibility.

“Landing and takeoff at Entebbe International Airport and domestic aerodromes may occasionally be disrupted by fog and poor visibility which may lead to diversion of flights to other airports,” Isabirye added.

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