Do you know the number of Ugandans who die everyday, WHY ARE MPS SO SPECIAL?- Apass

The dididada hit maker, Apass Bagonza has further pushed his engagement in the political issues by giving his view about the president’s intention to give all MPs persona; security.

According to Apass,, he argues that very many Ugandans die and are not given the kind of special security that the president is giving to law makers. He also argues that MPs are not ny more special than the very many Ugandans.

“The cost of death of fifty MPs….LOL Do you know the number of Ugandans who die everyday, WHY ARE MPS SO SPECIAL,” he said.

Apass also disagrees with this decision because he believes that it is wasting money on unnecessary expenditures yet the government still has very many debts.

“As the country is in debt and the government can’t meet our expectations, can’t provide security to the majority citizens,” he said.

Apass further blames the resident for his bad governance where he mainly focuses on the Mps instead of making citizens his first priority.

“Our dear president thinks MPs need security vehicles…Here was i thinking the citizens comes first only to find out it was not that case,” he said.

Much more, Apass has asked the law makers to stop operating in a manner that puts their lives in danger.

“If MPs claim to be paragons of virtue, why should they live in fear!!!?”


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