You are like a pendulum bob – Lumumba blasts FDC

LOP Winnie Kiiza and NRM S.G Kasule Lumumba (R)

The ruling Party Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba has attacked the opposition Forum for Democratic Change.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM on Thursday night, Lumumba said that FDC is like a pendulum bob, swinging in the air but without a foundation.

“FDC makes a lot of noise here in Kampala but do less on the ground, these LC elections reveal that they are not popular as they claim.” She says.

She says it’s so a shaming to find the so called “people’s party” being defeated tremendously in the recently climaxed Local Council elections they spread lies that they are popular. Kasule adds that chances that FDC will get more slots in Parliament next are even likely to reduce since it has been proven that they are operating on a floppy foundation.

“Opposition should stop telling lies that we are unpopular, Results from 16 out of 17 sub counties, Divisions and Town Councils that constitute Rukungiri District where FDC’s Col. Kiiza Besigye originates put NRM at 419 against 217 for the opposition. The results do not however include Nyarushanje Sub County, a stronghold of NRM in the District. In Kasese, the home District of the Opposition Leader in Parliament Hon. Winnie Kiiza, NRM got 481 out of the 753 villages. The opposition combined collected less than half of NRM. FDC President Hon. Patrick Amuriat Oboi lost to NRM in his own Sub County of Kanyumu (Kumi) where out of 28 villages, NRM took 15 with 03 independents and leaving behind only 02 for FDC which included his own village of Ajuket.” Kasule analyzed.

She adds that the results as retrieved by our tally centre illustrate the party’s increasing popularity countrywide despite the endless criticisms from opposition leaders.

“Further note that these results reflect a Vote of Confidence to the NRM Government and a vote of No Confidence to the opposition for the amendment of Article 102(b) carried out last year. NRM won big in districts of ‘Warrior MPs’ like Bushenyi (Hon. Raphael Magyezi), Mubende (Hon. Semeo Nsubuga), Katakwi (Hon. Peter Ogwang), Koboko (Hon. Anite Evelyne) and Kabarole where Hon. Margaret Mahanga comes from.” She added.




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