CONFIRMED: Controversial Mobile Money Tax Bill to be Re-tabled Today

The controversial Excise Duty (Amendment) No.2 Bill, 2018 that levied 1% tax on all mobile money transactions and Shs200 daily on social media usage will this afternoon be re-tabled before Parliament.

State minister for Planning, David Bahati is expected to re-tabled the Bill for its first reading before it is sent back to the parliamentary committee on finance for review. The Bill will later on be returned for the 2ndreading where it will be debated and tentatively passed.

On May this year, Parliament casually passed this Bill before it received uproar from the public countrywide. This forced government to make a U-turn with President Yoweri Museveni saying that the mobile money tax was erroneously passed and it was supposed to be 0.5% and on only withdrawals, not 1% of all transactions that parliament had passed.

During the Wednesday NRM caucus sitting at State Housee Entebbe, the MPs agreed to support the cabinet resolution to review the Bill.

According to the Thursday Order Paper, the item is third on schedule after Prayers and Communication from the Chair.

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