Museveni is here to stay! Quit supporting opposition to overthrow him- Opondo warns Civil Society Organizations.


The spokesperson of government, Ofwono Opondo has condemned Civil Society Organizations for plotting with opposition members to overthrow the Museveni.

While delivering a report on Civil Society Influence on Political and Public Reform in Uganda at protea hotel, Opondo blamed the civil society organizations for thinking that the only way to bring about change in the country is by removing Museveni from his leadership.

“We have discovered that some Civil Society Organizations think that to have change in the country is to take away Kaguta Museveni which is not right,” said Opondo.

Much more, Opondo adds that Civil Society Organizations have fully engaged in the opposition activities like defiance hence making them to forget their duties but instead focus on overthrowing the government.

“Some Civil Society organizations think that supporting the opposition political parties will help them overthrow the government in power,” Opondo analyzed.

Much more, civil society Organizations have been advised to shift away from the current framing of Museveni and the NRM as the targets of reform and instead seek to build constructive alliances and partnerships on both sides of the political spectrum.



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