I will soon join FDC – Mwenda

Andrew Mwenda

“Don’t try to fix me into a corn, I’m not a supporter of president Museveni but I’m willing to meet him. I wish he called for tea and ask me what I ruminate is good for this country, I would tell him Mr. President I think you need to retire.” Mwenda said this months back when the Age limit debate saga was at its peak.

The veteran Journalist was facing off during the Frontline television talk show with the Kyandando East lawmaker Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine who had accused him for tarmacking Museveni’s lie presidency bid.

Bobi Wine said that Mwenda has not used his integrity to fight for the country because he is comfortable and has in one way or the other benefited from the regime.

“I know you will deny this, but you are hiding away from reality, we are talking about Uganda’s constitution and its future but you are busy playing a blame game, speaking a lot of good English to confuse the masses from understanding the dangers of Age limit removal.” Bobi Wine said.

The Situka star added that the day trouble would erupt here in Uganda, it will be Journalist Andrew Mwenda to jump on the first plane running way because he has acquired enough wealth from the regime but for common people like him, will have nowhere to run because Uganda is all they have.

In response Andrew Mwenda underscored the fact that President Museveni’s opponents scare him from joining the struggle citing that the fact is Museveni represents a more enlightened position about the future of Uganda 100 times than his greatest opponent Dr. Kiiza Besigye.

Mwenda adds that if the former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Gen. Mugisha Muntu was fronted to stand for presidency of the Pearl of Africa, regardless of who he might be facing, Mwenda would immediately join his camp in the hunt for votes.

“If opposition fronted Gen. Muntu for presidency, I Andrew Mwenda would drive around this country campaigning for him reason being he opposes Museveni because of values not like Dr. Kiiza Besigye who is just greedy for power.” Mwenda said noting that its true he might be angry and weary with the regime but that doesn’t make those who oppose him a better option.

He further cited that if you oppose Museveni, then you need to show him better values than the regime otherwise if the logic is only about opposing, then he would rather be comfortable with a bad person instead of supporting a worst Museveni opponent.

“If the opposition wants people like us in the struggle, they need to change their attitude. Imagine if lawmakers begin holding sticks in Parliament and assaulting people, then you expect Andrew Mwenda to support you? No! If you begin supporting colonialism claiming that that regime that it was the best, then you are mistaken because what president Museveni has done for this country is far more than what the colonialists did here.” Mwenda analyzed.

Mwenda also accentuated that fact that majority of the Ugandan both in the opposition and the ruling party think that Museveni should retire but the problem is that opposition has never brought a better candidate than Museveni something that needs to be given attention.

“If the opposition doesn’t understand that there is need for change, then we shall continue supporting and campaigning for Museveni so that we can block greedy, biased and intolerant people from taking over power.” Mwenda added.

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