Death is for us all, I’m also waiting for God to call me – Museveni

Yona’s parents Angelina and James Wapakhabulo (the late) got together after I continuously discouraged James from a relationship he had with an Israeli lady.

President Yoweri Kuguta Museveni has warned Ugandans to avoid self-medication.

Speaking during the requiem service of the late Yona Namawa Wapakhabulo at All Saints Cathedral, Museveni said Yona’s death could have been avoided.

“I call upon Ugandans to take caution on matters of health and avoid self-medication. I was informed that when Yona was taken to hospital, the doctors were able to establish the problem but unfortunately it was too late for any remedial processes.” He said.

Museveni added, “It saddens me that Yona has gone at his prime and in such circumstances. I don’t mind if God takes some of us, in fact I am waiting for Him to call me, but I think Yona’s death could have been avoided.”

Yona passed on early this week and was a son Angelina and James Wapakhabulo (the late). The late Wapakhabulo was a former Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda.

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