MP NABILAH: Let’s call a spade a spade, FDC not party but a Besigye business

Nabilah Nagayi Sempala

Kampala district Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Nabilah Nagayi Sempala has rose from her comfort zone and commented about the ongoing scuffle in the Uganda’s leading opposition Party the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Speaking in a video shared on her social media account, Nabilah said that she is tired of being in a personal business disguised to be a political party.

She says that its so hurting to find that whoever doesn’t agree with Dr. Kiiza Besigye is perceived to be a mole yet Besigye has failed to keep his word towards democratic achievement.

“Our Media people massage lairs and their lies, you are fooled that Museveni is a devil and Besigye is the angel who is never wrong. Having an independent mind in FDC like committing a criminal offense, Our party has peg boys and girls that clap for whatever Besigye says whether right or wrong. We are in the struggle for a cause, but people at the secretariat are comfortable with the statuesque and because they are on payrolls but not in the fight for democracy. It’s a killing chamber to join FDC if you active and aspirations to perform better.” She said.

Nabilah added that the misunderstandings in FDC started in 2008 when Gen. Mugisha Muntu opposed Besigye’s leadership and since then, he has become a chief mole in the party.

She added that what happened in Parliament recently was a clear manifestation high levels of injustices that have been happening in Najjanankumbi since 2008 where people have been rotating on intimidations for having an independent mind.


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