I repeat, that drunkard can’t be president – Brian White hits Bobi Wine again

Socialist Brian White (L) and Bobi Wine

“Bobi Wine is here just to deceive you. A man who smokes Ganja can’t become president.” Says Brian White.

In the bid of remaining on top of the game, Self-proclaimed tycoon Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White has turned the second punch to famous politician for Kyadondo East constituency Robert Ssentamu.

Speaking to our Insider, Brian said that the Obululu Tebutwawula hit-maker cannot become Uganda’s president since he lacks moral authority and puffs weed.

The CEO Bryan White Foundation, an organization that looks at awakening youths from poverty made the comments while addressing the youth of Arua during his one week long stay charity drive in the area.

The related message also has emerged in a video clip of him making the remarks on Bobi Wine went viral on social media as he stressed that the Kyadondo member of parliament who puffs weed cannot become the president of Uganda while loudly chanting ‘Oyee’ for president Museveni.

For long many have been having questions about Bryan White’s source of money and with the latest video clip has somehow assured some people that the dude maybe financially powered from the state house as he always keeps on mentioning President Museveni’s name and spreading the gospel of how good he is to this country while warning youths to shun away from these other opposition politicians saying they got no feature for this country.

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