Those who wanted to hurt the president will pay heavily – Police furious

Emilian Kayima

The Uganda Police force has revealed that the culprits who wanted to hurt the Head of State in Arua will pay so heavily.

According to the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, this high level of hooliganism cannot be tolerated.

He narrates that the presidential motorcade was yesterday attacked by crowds and the windows of one of the lead cars were smashed. This all happened while the president was leaving Boma grounds after campaigning for the intervention to calm down this situation resulted into one person being shot by a stray bullet but the situation was managed after.

He clarifies that about 30 people have so far been arrested including some political actors and they’ve only registered one death.

“When President Museveni was going to Boma grounds for the final rallies, he was met by a tractor that had the red ribbons. When leaving the grounds, he was then met with Hon. Wadri’s supporters. Can you say this is a coincidence? Let’s look at the facts first before we apportion blame.” He says.

Kayima adds that the investigations shall be able to answer all our questions surrounding the death of Yasmin however he can’t confirm that the car in which Yasin was killed belongs to Bobi wine because he has not authoritatively stated so.

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