New LOP maintains Winnie Kiiza’s Shadow Cabinet

Kiiza hands over office to new LOP

The new Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Betty Aol, yesterday maintained the Shadow Cabinet left by her predecessor.

Speaking at a function at which the outgoing Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Winfred Kiiza, handed over office, Hon. Aol announced that she will not make major changes in the current shadow cabinet.

“Some people have been asking me when I am constituting the cabinet. I want you to know that it will be the same people,” Aol said.

The function, which was held at Parliament Building, was attended by Shadow Cabinet Ministers: Hon. Julius Ocen (Health), Hon. Atkins Katusabe (Foreign and Regional Affairs) and Hon. Fred Turyamuhweza (Physical Planning).

The shadow cabinet comprises MPs in the Opposition also sometimes referred to as the alternative government.

The leading Opposition party in Parliament, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), dropped Winfred Kiiza (FDC, Kasese district) in favour of Aol (FDC, Gulu district) on 3 August 2018. The party also designated new members to the leadership of Parliament’s oversight Committees and to Uganda’s representatives to international bodies.

Aol commended Kiiza for her contribution during her time as LOP, saying that she exhibited leadership and responsibility.

“[Kiiza] and I share a lot in common. If the heart of working for our people continues to prevail, we will work well together,” said Aol.

She emphasized the need for the Opposition to unite and plan well for the growth of the country.

“As of now, we cannot be proud to say that the country has developed. My appeal is that let us work together so that we can achieve the much needed growth,” Aol said.

Winfred Kiiza urged her successor to create good working relations with all Opposition political parties so that she can execute her mandate successfully.

Kiiza added that it is important for the office of the LOP to ensure cooperation between the Opposition and the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

“Without this strong relationship across the political divide, this office can be nasty,” she said.

Kiiza highlighted to Aol the big task ahead, with the response to the President’s State of the Nation Address, resolving the issue of taxes on social media and transfer of mobile money, being her first assignments.

“We also have several appeals in court over the Constitution (Amendment) Act ruling. It is now your responsibility to ensure that such issues are resolved,” Kiiza said.

She pledged her support towards Aol, saying that it was an honour to hand over to a fellow female legislator.

“I was the first female LOP since independence and I would like to heartily congratulate you upon your appointment. What an honor to us the women of Uganda that FDC has accorded to us,” she said.

Winfred Kiiza hastened to add that the office of LOP is not a bed roses but was confident that the new leadership would be equal to the task.

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