I’m happy for the first time we had a peaceful by-election – Museveni asserts   

President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has issued the latest statement on recently climaxed Arua Municipality by-elections.

According to the Head of State,is for the first time that Uganda has had a peaceful by-election.

“The elections in Arua Municipality were held peacefully because the organisers of violence and criminality had been arrested. The independent, the Hon. Kassiano Wadri, was declared the winner and the Hon. Nusura Tiperu of the NRM was number two. This is a step-forward, to have elections without violence, without threats. Nobody has got a right to intimidate a Ugandan by word or action.” He stated.

Museveni added that Nevertheless, the violence of the previous days had had the most negative effect. Out of the 46,000 registered voters, only 16,000 turned out to vote. Only 34% of the electorate. The others either feared to come to vote or the register is full of ghosts.

He also blames the The NRM agents have got a weakness of not auditing the voters’ registers in time to discover these imported voters.

“We are now investigating the allegations that some candidates had imported illegal voters from other areas to the municipality. The Opposition has been doing this repeatedly, such as in Jinja East and Bugiri Municipality. The NRM agents have got a weakness of not auditing the voters’ registers in time to discover these imported voters. In the case of Arua Municipality, there is an allegation that the illegal voters were brought to the attention of the Electoral Commission but that it did not pay heed. This will be confirmed or disproved. A voter should only vote from where he resides or from where he originates. Therefore, the old man with a hat can only vote from Nakasero or Rwakitura.” He added.

The ruling party chairperson also notes that the culture of violence and cheating in elections must end completely. The cases of Jinja East and Bugiri are in court for that very purpose.

“The cases of terrorism, damaging property, manslaughter etc against the Hons: Wadri, Bobi Wine, etc will continue. Their actions led to the death of a Ugandan, injury of a number of others and damage to property, so the allegations go. All those leaders, including the NRM members, should never encourage their supporters to violate the law, let alone themselves violating the law.” Museveni adds.

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