Embattled Kayihura in More Agony as Security Withdraws TV, Phone From Jail Room

Gen.Kale Kayihura

Embattled General Kale Kayihura is now in more agony and loneliness after security withdrew the remaining privileges he has been enjoying in his cell.

The former Inspector General of Police (IGP) has been under key and lock at Makindye Military Barracks where the likes of Bobi Wine and chairman of Boda Boda 2010 Abu Kittata are currently incarcerated.

His problems started in March after he was sacked as IGP along with security miniter Gen Henry Tumukunde.

Since then Kayihura has been in his farm in Lyatonde before he was picked up by CMI operatives in July and put under house arrest in his home in Muyenga where he is only accessed by close family relatives and lawyers. He was later on transferred to Makindye General Military Barracks where he remained being accessed only by close relatives and sometimes his lawyers.

Initially, sources have informed this website that Kayihura was so privileged because he was in a private cell with lots of freedom that include; a private chef, a landline phone, a fully installed Television and could easily be accessed by close relatives.

The latest information now indicates that the above mentioned privileges have reportedly been withdrawn and his security has been tightened with less freedom.

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