Eddy Kenzo Releses Song against Government.


Stamina and BET award winner has released a song aganst the government entitled ‘Mbakooye’

Unlike Eddy Kenzo’s other songs that are usually about love, party time, and life stories, ‘Mbakooye’ is a political song condemning the way government treats its citizen and how it operates.

Eddy Kenzo further sys that he is using this song to talk to the government on his behalf and also on behalf of his government. Much more, he uses this song to condemn the way fellow artiste and politician Bobi Wine’s was treated during his arrest in Arua.

Eddy Kenzo has resorted to using his God given talent and fame to add a voice to many with this new song.

In the song, Eddy Kenzo expresses his dissatisfaction with the parliamentarians who have constantly appeared negligent of their duties and are always mentioned in corruption scandals.

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