Bryan White seen with the president, accused of splashing government money.


Socialite Bryan White woke up to insults tody morning from bitter scial media fans who were accusing him of working for the government, misusing and splashing their taxes.

This was after the re-known city tycoon Bryan White is seen within vicinity with the President. Our sources reveal that Bryan White was with the President yesterday as the president inspected Karuma falls in Kiryandongo district. Many times the public has had its doubts on why Bryan White and the President are so close, that remains a mystery.

Majority of the Facebook Users have already concluded that the tycoon works for the government while another thinks her is trying to secure his wealth with the current government.

The President honored Bryan White for his efforts to fight poverty among the youth. Bryan White under his Bryan White Foundation has for the past one year been empowering Ugandan youth through providing education, employment, health services among other essentials basic needs.

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