Kayihura set for maiden bail hearing session

kayihura arrives at the GCM in Makindye

Former Inspector General of Police Gen.Kale Kayihura is this morning expected to re-appear before the Makindye based General Court Martial for hearing of his bail application.

Kayihura was last week Friday 24th August charged with three counts relating to failure to protect war materials and aiding/abetting kidnapping of Rwandan Refugees.

It is said that Kayihura aided and abetted his junior soldiers to kidnap 3 Rwandan exiles, refugees and Ugandan citizens to Rwanda and denied all the 3 charges. These are; Lt. Joel Mutabaazi, Jackson Kaleemera and Sgt Innocent Kaliisa.

Prosecution also states that between the years 2010 and 2018, Gen Kayihura allowed the issue of arms and ammunitions to Boda-Boda 2010 patron Abdullah Kitatta, a person unauthorized to own a firearm and failure to supervise and ensure accountability for arms and ammunitions.

According to Kayihura’s lawyers, their client deserves to attain bail since he has been under illegal detention for over two months without trial something that is unconstitutional.

They also add that Kayihura needs to be reunited with his family and access proper medication since he is aged sickly.


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