Museveni stretches Youth Livelihood to Wakiso, Gives out Over shs 700m

Upon return from Ethiopia where president Museveni attended the IGAD Summit, he was able to tour different Saccos in Wakiso and Kampala districts.

President offered working tools and start-up capital to groups including Katabi Artisans Sacco, Najja Furniture and Metal Works Association, Namasuba Furniture Makers Association, Kibuye Furniture Makers, Kibuye Welders Group, Nalukolongo Furniture Makers Association and Busega Welders and Furniture Makers groups.

Ugandans spend over Shs18,000 billion annually importing all sorts of things and yet this means they are giving away not just money but jobs to people in other countries.

“Take the example of hides and skin. Uganda sells these in raw form to other countries but later imports shoes, chairs and other products made from the hides and skin. We have to stop this by adding value and producing products for sale and export.” He emphasized.

Museveni also urged the youth to acquire skills that will create jobs and stop Ugandans from importing things that can easily be made in the country. Also, support leaders who will ensure your problems are attended to, not those whose pre-occupation is to oppose government programmes.

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