Multiparty Politics has Killed level of Debate at Parliament- Gen Tumwine

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has blamed the deteriorating quality of debate at Parliament on multiparty political dispensation.

Gen Tumwine said this while secretly meeting journalists who are accredited to cover Parliament under their association-Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA) at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).
“Between 1986 to 1995, we used to have quality and productive debates, but after multiparty politics, the debate started deteriorating. We no longer concentrated on national issues but concentrated on emotional and personal issues. Now days its about one side and the other. Members from one side only oppose ideas,” Tumwine said.
Tumwine pledged to work closely with Parliament journalists and help them run their duties professionally.
However, he blamed journalists for being specialists in painting a bad image of this country which is a threat to the country’s sovereignty, independence and economic prosperity.
“Media is the leading cause of insecurity in Uganda – Its no longer patriotic, it is being used to fight government,” Tumwine said.
He said that some journalists are being paid by NGOs to soil the image the Uganda and make it a difficult place for investors.
“When I did my survey I realised that some of you are paid by NGOs to put the image of Uganda in the negative at their interests. These NGOs are paying journalists to write bad stories about the government and yet it is only in Uganda where every radio is free to broadcast anything they want. There has never been press freedom in Uganda than it is here today, but its being used for granted,” Tumwine said.
“In Parliament, they (media) interview only the likes of Semujju as if he is the only MP in Parliament. They don’t balance their reporting. Please mind about the image of your country. Love your country-Uganda,” Tumwine said.

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