Tension as Number of MPs receiving Death Threats Shockingly Hypes  

Kauhanga an FDC leaning independent says he got the message from an MTN line saying he is next to be killed in the recent wave of murders.

Ntungamo municipality Member of Parliament Gerald Karuhanga says his life is in danger after receiving threatening messages.

Kauhanga says he got the message from an MTN line saying he is next to be killed in the recent wave of murders.

He says he has reported the matter to police adding that it could be aimed at intimidating him to back off Bobi Wine’s people power movement.

It should be noted that Karuhanga becomes the fourth MP to report threats on his life.

Hardly a day after Busongora North County William Nzoghu asked for security saying his life is in danger ON 12th September, another MP also cried out for the same.

Buhweju County MP Francis Mwijukye is now the latest to complain that his life could also be in danger after suscipious people have of late been trailing him.

On Thursday 13th September, FDC’s Mwijukye rose on the floor of Parliament on a matter of national importance calling out on government to address issue of insecurity in the country. He narrated a tale of how he was followed around by an unknown car and he feels threatened.

Mwijukye said that he was yesterday trailed by unknown persons after he left Uganda Management Institute (UMI) where he is studying. He says insecurity is increasing in the country and the responsible ministries need to act on these cases.

In her response, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga tasked the Security minister to take interest in these cases of MPs security and report back to the House.

Kadaga revealed that the parliamentary commission has started registering MPs whose security is at stake in a bid to give them extra security that includes a patrol car with police officers.

A week, Mbale District Woman MP Connie Galiwango also complained to Parliament that unknown people have been trailing for more than a week.

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