Assassination Threats: Winnie Kizza Family Flees Kiburara Home

Winnie Kiiza on Phone

The family of the Kasese Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Winnie Kiiza has vacated their country home in  Kiburara, Bukonzo East, Kasese.

This website can reliably confirm that the Husband and some other members are now in Kampala and the farm house is now in the hands of security guards and the farm manager.

A close relative confirms that throughout the night, security was highly beefed around the home following the social media post by the former leader of opposition.

Kiiza posted on Facebook that her hubby, Yokasi Bihande Bwambale’s life is in danger following unknown people who have been trailing her since Friday. Kizza in her post doesn’t reveal if or not she has reported the case to police.

“On Friday night two armed men spent the night in my compound in Kasese, waiting for my husband to come home and they shoot him. Some friend of ours tipped us and he did not go home that Friday night,” Kiiza said in her Facebook post.

She added that armed men are still chasing after her hubby who has resorted to hiding far from home and the purported assailants’ reach.

“As I am posting this message, again, nine armed men in millitary uniform have surrounded our house again in Kiburara, Kasese. All of them armed to the teeth with machine guns and rpgs. This kind of situation has been around my Kampala residence too in the last few weeks. Whoever they are after, God is watching. And whoever is in charge of this scheme, it must be put on record that I and my family are Ugandan citizens who are entitled to all citizenry rights. I don’t know whether my husband will be alive by morning,” she said.

Speaking to the UPDF Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire described the information as false noting that as soon as they heard the allegation, the security operatives swung in action but reached his home and did not find anything.

“Yesterday evening when he made similar allegations, both UPDF and UPF squads reached his home in a very short time but surprisingly, the home was locked and his manager confirmed to the team that Yokasi Bihande left earlier for Kampala. So Mr Bihande actually posted falsehoods when he was not at his home,” he said.

It should be noted that of late, several MPs have reported cases of being trailed by unknown people with intentions to kill them. Among them include; Connie Galiwango, Gerald Karuhanga, Francis Mwijukye, William Nzoghu among others.

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