I Cant take Cheap Offers From Bryan White- Zari

The Boss Lady Zari Hassan has trashed all allegations that city  Tycoon Bryan White Kirumira had bought her a sparkling new model Toyota V8 land cruiser.

According to Zari, she argues that she is too rich and independent to take such cheap offers from any man yet she can afford them.

“The only relationship i share with Bryan White is business related and does not come with gifting me cars that i can afford,” she emphasized.

Much more, Zari adds that the Bryan White foundation has not come out to openly deny the allegations because they want to  gain publicity through her which she finds very shaming and demeaning.

“I have been building an image and now they want to drag me in their scandals. If Bryan White claims he bought me that car then he should show you the sale agreement of the car and which number plate it is, I feel like this is indeed sad,” said a bitter Zari.

However, she insists that business collaborations with the foundation are still welcome as long as they do not interfere with her private life.

“The only thing going on between me and Bryan White was work and it was done and ill be ready if he calls me back for another project because i enjoy doing charity,” she emphasized.

These allegations hit the media when Zari recently rode a brand new Toyota V8 after her Arua tour with the tycoon on her way to visit her Mother’s grave.

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