Kadaga Wants Consideration For Unregistered Tribes And Cultures

Rt. Hon. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga inspects the different traditional stalls at the Uganda International Tourism Fair which was held at the Uganda Museum on 23rd September 2018.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has tasked the Parliamentary Committee on Equal Opportunities to look up help for all unrecognized tribes and cultural groups in the country.

She made the remarks while officiating at the Third Uganda International Culture Fair (Ekyooto) on Sunday, 23 September 2018 at the National Museum grounds.

“I want the Ministry of Tourism to support these events because they illuminate some of the unrecognized cultural groups we have in this country,” Kadaga said, adding that, “I have asked the Equal Opportunities Committee to investigate and come up with ways of lifting the status of all the cultural groups existing in this country so that they can be recognized like the rest.”

The Speaker applauded the organisers of the event saying that there was a lot to learn from the exhibitions on display.

“Today I visited the different tribal huts and in the Busoga hut I saw things I last saw in my grandmother’s kitchen,” she said, adding that,“I am glad to see the Japanese Ambassador and I hope we can pick a leaf from them [Japanese] on how proud they are of their culture”.

The Cultural Fair brings together communities, both local and international, and exhibitors of a variety of products. This third edition of the fair was themed “Our Diverse Cultures Empowering Each Other”.

The fair takes the form of a cultural market for art; music, dance, drama, comedy, visual arts, foods and beverages, local brew, fashion, poetry, storytelling, exhibition of arts and crafts from different regions of Africa and beyond Africa.

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