Musicians Will Overthrow Your Gov’t, Tamale Warns Museveni

Tamale Mirundi

Presidential advisor Tamale Mirundi has warned President Museveni to regulate his coordination with musicians.

According to Tamale, it’s so challenging to find that the president is currently entrusting musicians who are not holding any position in the ruling party to execute political issues that would have been fulfilled by some of the ruling party leaders.

During the weekend, Gold Band’s Catherine Kusasira was sent by the president to deliver shs. 20 Million Condolences to the window of one Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver who was shot in Arua, during the by-election mayhem.

Tamale says Museveni and his officials have rendered the National Resistance Movement leaders useless by a shaming them over and over something that doesn’t earn him support but instead cripples his party.

“NRM has leaders at all levels here in here in Kampala but how comes he can’t send the NRM Chairman of Kyadondo or Kampala to deliver his condolences? What is the relationship between Catherin Kusasira and the party leadership? Could the only reason here be that Bobi Wine is musician therefore he is trying to counter attack with a fellow musician? This is wrong. We need to show that NRM party leaders that can solve issues but not ferrying machineries because it’s not the party that benefits but only the individuals.” Tamale said.

He added that the day the musicians will know that the ruling party is now sailing on their fame, the party shall easily be overthrown.

“The truth is that Museveni has realized that musicians can easily mobilize people to vote and attend campaign rallies, thereby making the party leaders irrelevant. Imagine now in Kampala, NRM Chairperson affluent Salim Uhuru was recently arrested for smuggling rice into the country, Rubaga’s Abdallah Kitatta is in prison over illegal possession of firearms but the one who gave him guns is out of prison on bail, Godfrey Nyakana’s wife has also been in the limelight on battles with the KCCA leadership. What type of party are you fathering when you don’t operate with credible people? The day these musicians you are giving boxes of money will realize that the party is now riding on their fame, they shall have capacity to do something bad.  That’s why musicians are now joining politics.” He said.

Tamale’s comment follows move by musicians to actively join politics with the latest batch being Hon. Judith Babirye, Kato Lubwama and Hon. Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu. These have been accompanied by another huge wave of musicians like Catherine Kusasira, Ronald Mayinja, Dr. Hilderman among others who are busy eying elective positions.

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