We shall Honestly Miss Gen. Muntu – FDC

FDC Party Spokesperson Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda and Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija addressing the media at the party headquarters.

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party has once again commented on the departure of their former Party President Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

Speaking during the press Conference at the party Headquarters, the Party Spokesperson, Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda noted that the Party will miss him just like those who have left it or passed on like founding Chairperson Hon. Dr. Sulaiman Kiggundu who died in 2008 and his successor Hon. Sam Kalega Njuba who also died in 2012.

He added that Leaving is a natural consequence that cannot stop the Party from going ahead.

Ssemujju however implored all those who would wish to leave to inform the Party in time so that other people can replace them.

“FDC has very capable people that can serve.” He stated.


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