Simeo Nsubuga: Nothing Hurts Me Like a Disorganized Opposition

SDP party leader Mike Mabikke, JEEMA president Asuman Basalirwa, UPC’s Olara Otunu and FDC’s Dr. Kiiza Besigye

Kasanda Member of Parliament Hon. Simeo Nsubuga has expressed his sincere worries towards Uganda’s Opposition.

Speaking on Thursday night while appearing on CBS FM, Simeo said that every good government needs a good and focused opposition.

Simeo noted that he knows that the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) will never rule Uganda forever but the biggest worry is that the current opposition is not prepared take over power.

“I know at some time we shall go, but when we go, I wish to hand over power to an organized, focused and united opposition but not a group of people. Now you find Democratic Party members busy following Bobi Wine instead of focusing on building a strong and united party.’ He stated.

The former police officer accuses the opposition for being spearheaded by greedy and envious people who are only in the struggle for individual gains.


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