Singer Pallaso Thumped at Bughati Bar

Singer Pallaso who is commonly known for engaging himself in club fights has this time found a stronger fighter who almost beat him up to death.

Its known that the singer has always been a victor at these fights but tables turned in his latest bar brawl.

While at Bughati Bar formerly known as Koko bar in Ntinda,  Pallaso suffered a terrible night as he was terribly beaten by an unknown person and was immediately rushed out of the bar.

The singer experienced one of his worst nights at the bar as he was knocked out cold by a no nonsense guy who rained a number of punches on his face and left him nursing serious injuries.

The scuffle is said to have erupted when the yet to be identified guy tried to vibe one of Pallaso slay queens and out of the blue the two quarrelled and an argument ensued.

Acting like a knight in shining armour, Pallaso, with a Johnny Bravo pose attacked the lanky dude only to be met with a calculated jab which sent him on the floor. He is nursing a bruised jaw and eg

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