Sam Gombya accused of Stealing Land for the Disabled.

Singer Sam Gombya, deputy mayor for the Central Urban and Councillor representing Persons with Disabilities in Kampala Central, has been accused by fellow disabled members for conniving with KCCA officials to steal their land that was given to them by President Museveni.

According to our sources, it is alleged that Gombya divided the land that was meant to be used by all members in the association for the disabled with KCCA officials and it is rumored that the land has already been divided..

This land in question is near the new taxi park in Kampala. The president handed over to the disabled by he President who asked them to use it for putting up businesses so that they can be able to sustain their livelihoods.

However, speaking to Gombya, he has denied these accusations claiming that he has good and honest plans for the disabled which do not involve him robbing from them.

“I know very much what we go through as disabled people. I cannot steal from them yet i am among the people who lobbied to get this land for them,” Gombya clarified.

It should be noted that the disabled under their umbrella cried to the president to save them from the land grabbers. Fortunately, the President has asked all their leaders to hold a meeting with him before the end f this month.


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