Sleepy Iryn Namubiru escapes From Concert, Forced to Refund Payments

Singer Irene Namubiru has been forced to make a refund after her failure to perform at a show she had been contracted to perform at because of too much desire to go and sleep.

According to Namubiru, she was had not rested for quite a long time and decided to escape from the concert before performing so that she can rest.

Much more, Irene says that the organizers delayed and interfered with her plans which was a good excuse for her to leave without performing.o

“I am sure many other Uganda artists will relate. The hardest part of our performances is having to wait an eternity before stepping on stage. So last night, I dressed up like this waited till midnight and really Sleep overpowered me. I undressed and slept!”

However, the organizers of the show have asked her to refund the money that she was paid since she did not perform as expected.



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