Being Good In bed Doesn’t Mean You should Grab Every Thigh – Zari Tells off Excited Diamond

It was diamond platinum who started by spreading out a message to all his lovers when he posted a video of him and a mysterious woman lying on the bed glued in his chest diamond said “I have met another who takes care of me and cares for me. The past I have forgotten. This new love uses all the tenses to praise me, uses all the methali’s to say only good things about me. Why would I want anyone else?”Diamaond posted.

The Hallelujah singer added that, “I’m done with you, I don’t want city witch doctors either. If so, then I would rather deal with the sting of army ants, the annoying bedbugs and the chaos of Tom and Jerry’s relationship.”

In a furious reply, famous socialist Zari Hassan has said she can’t respect a man who isn’t responsible.

“Never give anyone the power to ‘choose’ between you and someone else. If they can’t decide, decide for them. Walk away and never look back. Go where your celebrated. Don’t even explain it to anyone, your journey is yours. NOBODY has to understand it but YOU. Sending nothing but love to you sister in Tanzania, Now wipe those tears and fix that”

And this has not been the first time Zari has been replying to diamond platinum whenever he writes or puts a message concerning his love life

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