American Rapper 50 Cent is Reportedly Coming to Uganda

Uganda is  becoming the  much-sought-after holiday destination for Hollywood and international artiste superstars.

So, after Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and their team visited Uganda and rented out the entire Chobe Safari lodge, it turns out fellow American rapper 50 Cent  believed Kim Kardarshian’s words about visiting Uganda, ‘the unknown heaven’ and is about to come experience it himself.

According to Great Lakes Safaris boss, Amos Wekesa, American rapper 50 Cent will soon be in the country.

“Thank you guys for educating me about 50 Cent. he is coming to Uganda unless something drastic happens. I can’t know about wildlife and musicians at the same time and besides, why would someone call themselves 50 Cent. Bambi don’t argue with me, just stake your money!!!! For those that laughed at me, expect invoices in your in-boxes”, he posted.

However, the date when the rapper will arrive and where he will stay are not yet confirmed. We will keep you posted.

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