Miss Tourism Ankole Joins Film Industry

Just a few weeks after their crowning, every girl who was in the Miss Tourism conquest is trying hard to have a project that will show her presence and relevance in the tourism industry. And the first was miss tourism Ankole 2018/19, Rebecca Ainembabazi who unveiled a film competition aimed at shining the spotlight on Uganda’s tourism potential. Dubbed “Project Blossom Uganda”, the competition will target select secondary schools around the country whose students will make short-films focusing on heritage tourism.

“I plan on portraying Uganda in a better in a better image, showing that Uganda has talent, that it’s a beautiful country which is not surrounded by negativity, am going to do this through the short film campaign where we are going to engage secondary school students who will shoot short films that portray Uganda and the best school will get a chance to feature in a film that will be sold in New York and Paris” Rebecca said.

“We believe the youth today are interested in different forms of entertainment including film, and so we are tapping into one of their passion points to interest them in domestic tourism while also equipping them with film-making skills,” she added.

The queen’s campaign comes after World tourism day celebrations themed “Tourism and the digital transformation” to highlight opportunities provided to tourism, by technological advances for continued growth into a more sustainable and responsible sector. It is on this background that the “Project Blossom Uganda” campaign was launched

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