Zari Hassan Opens Up a Hospital in South Africa


Socialite Zari Hassan also a mother of five, entrepreneur and tourism ambassador who resides in South Africa and runs a chain of schools including student hostels and other businesses still in the same country has opened up a Nursing school.

The former Ugandan musician opened up a school in South Africa that will be teaching students who are practicing medicine which she named it Brooklyn Health Academy and the school offers health studies, counseling and community health work to mention a few.

Brookyln Health Academy is a Private Further Education Institution dedicated to training Healthcare Professionals for the health industry of South Africa.

“Looking to enroll for health care training whether local (Southern Africa or from other countries), www.brooklynhealthacademy.co.zis the place to be. Its a Private Further Education Institution dedicated to training Health care Professionals for the health industry of South Africa and across,” she said.

Zari adds that the school will be open to all students worldwide and will provide equal education opportunities. Enrollment starts next year.

“We provide equal education opportunities, especially to students who do not have general access to educational institutions, to adequately prepare themselves for entrance into the local and international health care market. We are open for 2019 registrations,” she said.

Zari is currently involving herself in very many charity works and was recently carrying a charity drive with Bryan White Foundation. She has also been announced as the Uganda tourism ambassador.


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