Bebe Cool is a Marketable Artist, Says Kato Lubwama

Kato Lubwama

Since he is from the opposition side of the government many thought he would go against Moses Ssali alias bebe cool but hell no, the Rubaga South legislator Kato Lubwama has come out to say that Bebe cool is one of the most marketable Icons in Uganda.

“Leave alone the likes of Bobi wine and Chameleon but just look that the way this boy brands himself amongst the three artists whom you call the big Three in the entertainment industry, he has good music, good body and a large fan base compared to the remaining two artists” said Kato Lubwama.

Kato added that politics aside, Bebe Cool can single handedly battle the two Icons and leave them ailing in shock.

To many Bebe cool was the one who has always been left behind when it came to being famous and loved but the Bogolako Star has gone against odds and maintained art of making big headlines.

This year, Bebe Cool has scooped over two International Music Award Nominations yet his counterparts are busy sailing on local fame.

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