Comedian Dolibondo takes comedy into the wilderness


Have you ever experienced so much fun in the forest or the bush, yes Jesero Felix alias Dr Dolibindo is bringing the fun to you in his comedy show dubbed camp comedy which is due to take place at Jinja forest resort on 1st December.

The show will feature comedians like Napoleon Emma, Daniel Omara, Cotilda Inapo and other comedians, they will be alongside the sensational Kenneth Mugabi of the “naki” hit.

“Fans should come expecting a new experience of their life, having fun in the wilderness, with frogs, birds, and other animals that are found in the wild, what they should carry are their tents, matresses and their laughing jaws” dolibondo said.

This is not the first time camp comedy is happening. In 2016 it had to happen at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) also known as the zoo.

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