Police Arrests 41 suspects as part of a Sting Operation Ahead of The Festive Season

Police in Kampala has today morning arrested 41 suspects as part of a sting operation aimed at reducing crime on Kampala streets and paving way for a peaceful Christmas festive season.

These activities are a continuation of the Dumisha Usalaama Operation which seeks to address public concerns of criminal tendencies that involve mugging people, pick pocketing, general thefts, vandalism on streets and in traffic jam, drug abuse in most suburbs and other activities which disorganise and disrupt the smooth running bussiness in the city.

This operation targeted areas of Market Street, Platinum House, Allen Road, Nakivubo Channel, Kinyamwandu and Nabugabo. These areas are commonly identified as the black spots and have always been regarded impassable both during day and night hours.

The suspects have been subjected to screening before responsible citizens, elders and local area leaders.
Most of these suspects were found in most frequented crime spots and in possession of marijuana

The suspects are currently detained at Central Police Station Kampala pending court.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo said that as the Christmas festive season approaches, all police divisions shall intesify operations in a bid to curtail any criminal activities.

“Research has always revealed that crime is always on the increase as festive seasons approach however we won’t allow criminals to undermine the internal security and peace in Kampala,” CP. Kafeero said.

Although the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander assured the general public of safety, he also reminded the citizens to take their personal security more seriously as the festive season approaches.

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