Ykee Benda Launches New record label

Munakampala hit maker,  Ykee Benda revealed that he will be moving from the Badi Music empire into his own records house.

Yesterday, Ykee Benda unveiled his newly setup recording house, Mpaka Records, from which he intends to work forthwith.

“My baby is almost ready..It’s been a long two years laying ground work…my second Album will be produced and mastered from my baby #MpakaStudios….Thank You to my team,My fans you guys. The future is almost here,” said an excited Ykee Benda.

Much more, he is using his new label to provide a platform for young artistes to record their music at a low price.

“For young artistes in Uganda, come, i have given you a chance to record a single at an affordable price,” he said.

He also revealed that he will be recording and mastering his second music album from Mpaka Records which is named after his father Mpakanyi.


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