How can NRM Corrupt Officials Fight Corruption – FDC Scoffs Cabinet Resolution.

The opposition Forum for Democratic change Deputy General Secretary Harold has mocked the government resolution aimed at fighting corruption to zero.

Speaking in an Interview with KFM, Kaija says there is no law in the current regime that can fight corruption since most of its leaders are corrupt.

According to Kaija, there is no way criminals can fight other criminals citing that corruption can only be wiped out if the country gets a new set of leaders.

It should be noted recently cabinet approved the zero tolerance to corruption policy 2018 which among other things seeks to guide and coordinate government response towards incidences of corruption and also restore public sector ethics.

The state minister for ethics and integrity Fr. Simon Lokodo is also noted saying that with more funding to anti-corruption agencies, the vice will be fully eradicated.

In September this year, while addressing the Nation President Yoweri Museveni announced the creation of a toll-free hotline to fight corruption in the public sector. He encouraged the public to report corrupt public officials using the toll free number: 0800100770 and 0772634743.

“These corrupt officials are easy to uproot. Just expose them and see what happens to them and by the way, the toll free numbers belong to my office,” Museveni said. “Uganda is ready takeoff apart from a few problems like corruption.”


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