Sheila Gashumba Splashes 20 Million at Comedy Store

NTV presenter Sheilah Carol Gashumba turned Alex Muhanji’s comedy store night into a money splashing zone when she gave away over UGX 20Million to musicians and comedians who showcased.


During the comedy store show that goes down at UMA grounds every Thursday, the skinny The Africell brand ambassador splashed away Ugx 20,000,000 to musicians like Jose Chameleone and Khalifah Aganaga and to comedians like Madrat and Chiko.

We just made it rain at comedy stores !! Thank you jose chameleon, papa cindy and khalifa aganaga. Full video loading!! 20m blown for our own Ugandan artist in one night ” Sheila bragged.

Shiella at the age of 22 has been blessed to endorse very many products and services like Worldremit services and is also working with Pearl of Africa Hotel. She has also been able to host very many shows her recent one being Girls in the City. She started working on TV at the age of 7 years on a show named Kids corner on WBS.

She is also a daughter to businessman Frank Gashumba with whom they have been having wrangles as he was against her partying lifestyle.

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