Kassiano Wadri Rejects New Office at Queen’s Chambers, Wants Parliament Building

Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri has rejected his new office at Queen’s Chambers and now operates within parliament corridors.

Parliament has always been constrained with space for its MPs and has subsequently, hired rented other nearby buildings to accommodate the MPs. Among the building allocated to MPs who can’t find space in the parliament building including; Development House and Queen’s Chambers.

Ever since Wadri was elected MP replacing slain Ibrahim Abiriga in September, the MP who was sworn in a month later has not yet got an office. Apparently, Wadri was given an office at Queen’s Chamber on Parliamentary Avenue but the MP has rejected the office saying he is a senior legislator who deserves an office in the parliament building.

Wadri was overheard telling fellow MPs in parliament that he cannot sit at Queen’s Chambers and that he will wait until President Museveni appoints some MPs as ministers so that they vacate their parliament offices for people like him.

Wadri was Terego County MP from 2011 to 2016, but lost in the 2016 polls before bouncing back after the death of Abiriga.

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