Parliament Select Committee pins teachers, students on sexual offences

The Committee chair briefs Parliament on the progress of their investigations

School administrators, pupils and students have been cited among the perpetrators of sexual violence in educational institutions.

In their interim Report to Parliament, the Chairperson of the Select Committee investigating the vice in institutions of learning, Hon. Robina Rwakoojo (NRM, Gomba West), said that sexual violence exists in primary and secondary schools as well as in tertiary institutions.

“The perpetrators include the Deans of universities, Head teachers, teachers, and pupils,” Rwakoojo said.

The committee was constituted following a motion by Hon Anna Adeke, the National Female Youth representative, urging the government to inquire into allegations of sexual harassment in educational institutions in Uganda.

The Committee however, requested for more time to continue with their investigations.

“We have desk review, fact-finding visits around the country, and benchmarking for best practices and this cannot be achieved in the given time frame, hence more time needed,” Rwakoojo said, adding, “We have covered the eastern, south western and western regions of the country.”

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga thanked the members for the progress so far and granted the Committee extra time so that they can provide a conclusive report.

“The chair has explained her problem; they have covered half the country and they require to go to the rest of the country. We give them the authority to go till mid-January,” she said.

Members of the Committee include; Hon. Gideon Onyango (Indp., Samia Bugwe North); Hon. Mary Kabanda (DP, Masaka); Hon. Stephen Kisa (NRM, Luuka South); Hon. Anthony Okello (NRM, Kioga County); Hon. Sarah Kityo (NRM Youth, Central); Hon Joshua Anywarach (Indp., Padyere); Hon. Godfrey Katushabe (FDC, Bukonjo); Hon Mwine Mpaka (NRM, Youth, Western).

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