UNBS Closes Bulenga Based Company Manufacturing Sausages out of rotten meat

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) yesterday closed down the production facility belonging to Mbogo Quality Cuts Limited located in Bulenga the processors of Alpha Special brand of sausages.

According the officials, this was done due to poor hygienic conditions contrary to the Standard for good manufacturing and hygienic practices.

The closure follows a consumer complaint to UNBS that the conditions under which the meat was being processed did not meet standards for good hygiene.

The UNBS Surveillance team inspected the premises and established that the hygienic condition at the production facility were contrary to the specifications of Code of practice for Hygiene in Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry (US 28 EAS 39: 2002) and specifications for beef sausages (US 739:2012).

UNBS also revealed that the owners of the processing facility will be taken to court for prosecution.

“We would like to encourage consumers to report such cases on our toll free line: 0800 133 133.” UNBS Stated.

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