FDC Roasted for Saying Gov’t Should Disarm Banyankole Grazing Cows with Guns

FDC Party President Patrick Amuriat

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has received a total social media backlash over a tribal tweet.

The controversial tweet came as a comment on viral picture of the Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana where he appears with an AK47 gun grazing countable Frisian cows on one of his farms.

According to tweet, FDC indicates that Rukutana is grazing his cattle the Karamoja style in Ankole.

“Will UPDF that disarmed Karamojongs move to disarm Banyankore who graze cattle with guns?” FDC States.

However following the backfire that erupted over the tweet, Uganda’s leading opposition party apologized for the mistake citing that as a political party, FDC works daily towards uniting Ugandans as one people.

“As a political party, we work daily towards uniting Ugandans as one people. The tweet below did fall below the values and the principles we hold as a party and we apologise sincerely for the use of Banyankole people as a whole and to all Ugandans.” FDC revealed.

However the Deputy Attorney General’s picture threw the state into mixed reactions as people wondered the source of inspiration to post such a picture yet he is one of the people always saying that Uganda is peaceful and has no crisis.

AG Rukutana Shocks Nation, Grazes Cattle with an AK47 Gun



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