Angry Fans Beat Dancer Wembley Like a Mukene Thief Over Fik Famaica

The habit of Ugandan artists defying rules of the game will get them beaten, jailed and killed at some point by angry fans.

Over the weekend Fik Fameika’s dancer Wembley got beaten by angry fans who waited for the artist to turn but he was nowhere to be seen.

This happened in Masaka where Fik Fameika was paid to perform he but didn’t show up.

Wembley showed up at the venue instead of Fik Fameica with hilarious excuses to the fans who had eagerly waited for the Kutama artist resulting into the injection of corporal punishment.

It is said that Fik had another show somewhere else away from Masaka and both shows had the same timing that’s why he failed to turn up our insider informed us.

Wembley has featured in almost every Fik Fameika’s song and he is known for moving around with him every time they are together.

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